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HIV/AIDS Activities HIV Awareness Programs HOFAI is using HIV awareness as the main strategy in combating HIV/ AIDS. Our vision this year (2010) is to mobilize and sensitize at least 60,000 people (5,000 every month) in HIV related issues in Zambia. However, the challenge has been transport and volunteers to carry out this task. Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services (VCT) HOFAI is an accredited HIV/ AIDS Testing facility and has been mandated to counsel and test people in Zambia. For the past months, HOFAI has been using static, mobile and moonlight methodologies in an effort to reach the unreached people both in urban and most rural areas of Zambia. Currently, HOFAI has counseled and tested 3,184 people out of the targeted 12,000 people for 2010. HOFAI is committed to the reach the target for 2010 however the Organization is facing huge financial challenges to reach the target areas in relation to mobile VCT. In order not to compromise on the quality of Counseling and testing, HOFAI invites partners in the following areas:- Purchase of six (6) tents for mobile and moonlight Counseling and Testing (VCT) Training of volunteer counselors Purchase of two (2) CD4 machine. (This will enable HOFAI to improve the confidentiality aspect by avoiding unnecessary referral to other ART Clinics for CD4 Test). Three (3), 4 x 4 vehicles for mobile VCT. (This will reduce the costs of transport of counsellors and tents when going to testing sites). Three (3) Computers and Two (2) Printers for data entry and printing of consent forms etc. Adherence Programs HOFAI has seen the importance of not only giving people opportunities to know their status but also letting them know the importance of taking drugs accordingly through the Adherence programs. HOFAI has two different Adherence programs. Children Adherence/ School Going Children HOFAI realized that most of the children in the 17 Community schools that HOFAI is currently running are living with the Virus and are already taking the drugs (ARV's). The Challenge has been making the children understand the importance of taking the ARVs, at the right time. Child Adherence Program is a program that is being run in all the 17 HOFAI and 6 Affiliated Community Schools across Zambia. This program calls for organizations and individuals to join hands and help our future generation. Adult Programs As HOFAI, we make follow ups on clients whom we have conducted VCTs on sites through ongoing counselling and positive living programs. These ongoing/adherence Counselling programs are conducted twice (2 times) per week by our Home Based Care providers. Adherence programs have helped and are still helping a number of clients to live positively. Condom distribution Over 5,000 male condoms and 2,500 female condoms have been distributed during the mobile and static VCT's in last 6 months by HOFAI. Most of these condoms were distributed to the sexually active groups (youth) and discordant couples. HOFAI is therefore inviting organizations and individuals wishing to donate to this program. Your donation will enable us to distribute condoms a lot of people in the remotest rural and night clubs. Community awareness on male circumcision HOFAI is using every strategy to help reduce the spread of HIV. We have therefore taken male circumcision as one the important tool to cub the vise. HOFAI has conducted several community awareness meetings on male circumcision in over three (3) provinces. Our target is to sensitize at least 2,000 (2010) people in this area. Care and Support to People Living With HIV/ AIDS (PLWHA) HOFAI has observed that Most People Living With HIV/ AIDS take drugs on an empty stomach and live on nothing or one meal per day. This situation prompted HOFAI to start a program called Care and Support for PLWHA. About 10 groups have been formed for People Living With HIV/ AIDS (PLWHA). Each group has a membership of between 10-15 people. HOFAI tries to empower these groups in Survival Skills Training and positive living as a way of fighting stigma and discrimination. Home Based Care (HBC The HBC givers visits clients at homes twice (2) per week. During the visits, the Care Givers would remind clients of their clinical visit days and also teach them on other health issues. Anti-retroviral Therapy Clinic Hope for Africa International has land in Lusaka, Luapula (Mansa) and Copperbelt (Chingola) Provinces of Zambia earmarked for building of ART Clinics.
Hofai Sch
Hope for Africa International has been running and supporting Orphans and Vulnerable children since 1996 in partnership with local Communities, has established and is running seventeen (37) Community Schools catering for 8,500 Orphans and vulnerable Children. Copper belt Province, Zambia 1. Lubuto Community School - situated in Ndola District 2. Mulemba Community School - situated in Luanshya District 3. Pyuta Community School - situated in Luanshya District 4. Kabuta Community School - situated in Chingola District 5. Fipashi Community School - situated in Luanshya District 6. Matete Community School - situated in Luanshya District 7. Baptist Community School - situated in Chingola District Lusaka Province, Zambia 8. Julius Community School - situated in Kafue District 9. Linda Community School - situated in Kafue District 10. Solar Community School - situated in Kafue District 11. Chilanga Community Schools - situated in Kafue District 12. Taukanso Community School - situated in Kafue District 13. Mapepe Community School - situated in Kafue District Luapula Province, Zambia 14. Mutiti Community School - situated in Mansa District 15. Senama Community School - situated in Mansa District 16. Kaole Community School - situated in Mansa District
Education support
End Child Marriage Project The end Child Marriage Project aim is to create awareness on early Child marriage in Zambia through providing training to community Psychological Counsellors and education support to a Girl child in rural area. Under this project we work with traditional leaders and provide monthly support to a family with a Girl Child of $ 25 a month. Apart from children in Government and private schools we have children in our Community schools which are managed by volunteer teachers and community workers. Under this program we accepts local and International volunteers who are placed within schools and communities. Mostly we have pupils from grade 1 to 9. These schools have 3 to 4 Volunteer Teachers on average and we have a huge challenge in meeting school running expenses which include above mentioned needs among others:
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Democracy and Governance
Democracy and Governance is Hope for Africa Zambia program aimed at educating Zambians on the importance of participation in the governance of the Country through voter education,transparency and accountability,Human Rights through hold of awareness meetings within communities,hosting governance radio programs and many more.
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Nelson Kabalo
Mr. Nelson Kabalo is a founder of The Organization for the Advancement of Underprivileged Societies (OAUS) which is registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization aimed at addressing the microcosm of community underdevelopment at the source by providing collaborative and innovative solutions, research, support and services in under-served societies with its headquarters in Washington State serving the underprivileged in society both locally and internationally.Mr.Kabalo recently visited self help Women projects in Lusaka Zambia and donated funds to the project under the partnership program for both Organizations.
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Our Commitment

Hope for Africa Zambia (Hofaiz ), it is our commitment to get up life the lives of Children and Women who are the hope of sustainable family support in Zambia.

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